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007 - Monster Box

007 - Monster Box - Box Set (42 Dvd) - Serie: James Bond - 007

007 - Monster Box (007 - Monster Box)
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Technical info

  • Regions: 2
  • Disc number: 42
  • Release year: 2007
  • Edition: Box Set (42 Dvd)
  • Audience Rating: G (General Audience)
  • Support: DVD: Single side, double layer
  • TV Series: No
  • Former rent: No
  • Used: No
Casino Royale

In his first mission, James Bond must stop Le Chiffre, a banker to the world's terrorist organizations, from winning a high-stakes poker tournament at Casino Royale in Montenegro.

Die Another Day

James Bond
is sent to investigate the connection between a North Korean terrorist and a diamond mogul who is funding the development of an international space weapon.

The World Is Not Enough

James Bond
protects an oil tycoon's daughter while battling her former kidnapper, a terrorist who can't feel pain.

Tomorrow Never Dies

James Bond
must stop a media mastermind from starting World War III for riches and fame.


James Bond
teams up with the lone survivor of a destroyed Russian research center to stop the hijacking of a nuclear space weapon by a fellow agent believed to be dead.

Licence To Kill

James Bond
leaves Her Majesty's Secret Service to stop an evil drug lord and avenge his best friend, Felix Leiter.

The Living Daylights

James Bond
is living on the edge to stop an evil arms dealer from starting another world war. Bond crosses all seven continents in order to stop the evil Whitaker and General Koskov.

A View To A Kill

An investigation of a horse-racing scam leads 007 to a mad industrialist who plans to create a worldwide microchip monopoly by destroying California's Silicon Valley


A Faberge Egg found with a murdered British agent puts Bond on the trail that leads to a plot to kill thousands to weaken NATO defences in Europe.

For Your Eyes Only

Agent 007
is assigned to hunt for a lost British encryption device and prevent it from falling into enemy hands.


James Bond
investigates the mid-air theft of a space shuttle and discovers a plot to commit global genocide.

The Spy Who Loved Me

Agent 007
must work with his female Soviet counterpart to find the answer to the disappearance of nuclear missile carrying submarines.

The Man With The Golden Gun

is led to believe that he is targeted by the world's most expensive assassin and must hunt him down to stop him.

Live And Let Die

is sent to stop a diabolically brilliant heroin magnate armed with a complex organization and a reliable psychic tarot card reader.

Diamonds Are Forever

Agent 007
goes to Las Vegas to investigate the disapperance of diamonds in transit and discovers the involvement of his archenemy, Blofeld.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

is approached by a crime boss to marry his daughter and in return both father and daughter help 007 hunt for his archenemy, Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

You Only Live Twice

Agent 007 and the Japanese secret service ninja force must find and stop the true culprit of a series of spacejackings before nuclear war is provoked.


When SPECTRE steals two nuclear bombs for a massive extortion scheme, agent 007 is sent in to find them before they can be used.


Investigating a gold magnate's gold smuggling, James Bond uncovers a plot to contaminate the Fort Knox gold reserve.

From Russia With Love

Agent 007 is sent into Turkey to confiscate an encryption device which is actually a trap for him contrived by SPECTRE.

Dr. No

James Bond
is sent to Jamaica to investigate the disappearance of a colleague; the trail leads him to the ill-reputed island of Dr. No, a criminal genius who may have been involved in the disappearance.




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