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Classic Albums - Who's Next

Classic Albums - Who's Next - 2000 - Serie: Classic Albums

Who - Classic Albums - Who's Next - 2000
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Technical info

  • Regions: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Disc number: 1
  • Production year: 1999
  • Release year: 2000
  • Runtime: 61 Minutes
  • Audience Rating: G (General Audience)
  • Package: Snap Case
  • Screen ratios: Fullscreen (4:3)
  • Support: DVD: Single side, single layer
  • Colour: Colour
  • Compilation: No
  • Concert: No
  • Video: No
  • Documentary: Yes
  • Former rent: No
  • Used: No

Audio tracks

  • English - Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Who's Next, is viewed by many as the greatest testament to the songwriting talent of Pete Townshend and the musical power of The Who. When the album was released in 1971, it climbed to the Number 1 spot on the British album charts and remained in the Top 50 for over three months. In the United States, the album went Top 5 on the Billboard chart and remained in the Top 40 for five months.The story of how The Who came to record the album is told by group members Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, and John Entwistle, together with contributions by those who were close to the group during the making of this classic album.Early archival footage of The Who performing classic tracks such as "I Can't Explain" and "My Generation" helps to illustrate how the group made the transition from performing in small London clubs to the rock giants they became upon the release of the pioneering Tommy album.Pete Townshend explains the diffulties the group faced in trying to fruition the ideas he planned for the group's follow-up, the ground-breaking "rock opera" Tommy. The orginal idea, as Roger Daltrey tells us, was a multi-media event that would incorporate a live concert, a film and a soundtrack album. When Townshend's version proved beyond the grasp of his fellow group members, The Who set about recording the songs that would have made up the soundtrack to the proposed movie.The songs recorded for the Who's Next album and featured here include such classics as "Won't Get Fooled Again", "Baba O'Riley" and "Behind Blue Eyes." We hear from the group members about how these songs would have fitted into the original concept. We are also given an insight as to the importance of the late great Keith Moon to the success of The Who and hear how greatly his larger-than-life personality often overshadowed his musical contribution to the group.Included in this documentary program are previously unseen performances of songs from the album that prove the longevity and lasting appeal of Who's Next a true classic album.




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