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Un grande catalogo con novità, rarità, b-movie e film d'essai. La gestione del database prevede l'inserimento quotidiano e costante di tutte le novità su DVD, HD DVD e Blu-ray Disc (BD) dal mondo della musica (concerti live, compilation di successi e best of) e del cinema (film, serie TV, fiction televisive, documentari).

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The Project

DVDMusica s.r.l. is born in Modena in 2005, with the aim of creating the first Online Encyclopedie of Music and Cinema on DVD.

A truly demanding task - as we could see creating our database - a colossal one in its dimensions and ambitions.

Thanks to strong teamwork and daily confrontation with all members of our group, and our collaborative efforts with experts of cinema, music, internet and multimedia, we have patiently gathered data and informations, giving birth to a precedently unseen free online project.

We believe it's a complete and flexible instrument, unique in his genre, and will be updated and expanded day by day.

This required a long and complex planning, which is constantly evolving with the aim of creating new sections and enrich our proposal with new informations, confrontational possibilities and 360 degrees searches.

The true strenght of the project is its database, which gathers and connects informations related to music and cinema, as well as all the artists who performed before a microphone or behind a cinecamera: a truly complete database, which takes into account all the relationships between these two worlds, so different yet so similar.

So, with a simple search, it's possible to discover Bruce Willis' extraordinary duet with B.B.King in the "Tribute to Ray Charles" concert, or Clint Eastwood's pianistic skill and unexpected love for Jazz and Blues, showed in a handful of movies by him produced and/or directed...

Try to believe!

Artists and actors profile already are, we believe, among the most complete and updated you can find online (and, possibly, even outside internet); moreover, the constant expansion and development of our project will shortly bring to more detailed and accurate profiles, with more biographical informations, pictures and videos.

Needless to say, and notwithstanding our constant efforts in the matter, mistakes can be made; however, our staff is ready to correct them in real time, and we will be glad to receive all our your suggestions and comments.

The project is financed through the sale of Music and Movie DVDs available in our database; again, browsing our database is free and will stay this way.

Knowledge has no price...